Nanodropper to Donate 1,000 Nanodropper Adaptors to Support Global Access to Eye Care

Nanodropper to Donate 1,000 Nanodropper Adaptors to Support Global Access to Eye Care

October 26, 2022
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Nanodropper launched its "2022 Give the Gift of Vision" program, which aims to donate 1,000 Nanodropper adaptors to at-need patients in the United States and its international nonprofit partners. Through the program, the company seeks to provide better access to vision-saving care in low-resource settings in Africa, Haiti, and other places.

The company is asking for community support by urging people to buy a $20 Nanodropper bundle for its Give the Gift of Vision program, which in return will help patients in the US and nonprofit partners advancing global health initiatives.

The Nanodropper Adaptor was developed as a small solution to a big issue: the average eyedrop container wastes 80% of its contents, while the eye can only absorb 20% to 30% of a typical, oversized eyedrop. The Nanodropper is an adaptor for eyedrop bottles that reduces the size of a drop to just what the eye can absorb, according to Nanodropper.

“Two of the greatest obstacles to adherence are both price and convenience,” Alan Robin, MD, ophthalmologist and founding member of the American Glaucoma Society, said in a company news release. “The Nanodropper has the potential to minimize both of these impediments.”

The Give the Gift of Vision campaign gives people the chance to support those who might have to choose between paying for their meds and other essentials like rent or groceries while also supporting greater access to eyecare globally.

“Healthy eyes are the center of all the work we do,” said Nanodropper CCO Mackenzie Andrews. “It’s the reason why our team came together in the first place. Nanodropper’s Give the Gift of Vision program is our way of getting everyone involved so we help those who really need it. We believe money should never come between a patient and their vision!”

A Nanodropper Adaptor triples the amount of drops in an eyedrop bottle by making them smaller — this reduces waste and stretches the life of the bottle.

For $20, you can join the GTGOV program and get two Nanodropper Adaptor bundles. According to Nanodropper, this will give someone in need in the US three months' worth of their eye-saving medication instead of one, and someone receiving support from a nonprofit will have three times as much access to eye care.

For patients who are unable to purchase a Nanodropper in the United States, Nanodropper offers an open application. Following a quick screening process, they provide adaptors that have been generously donated by community members to those in need.