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Keeler and Long Grove Pharma Sign Distribution Agreement for AK-FLUOR

Keeler and Long Grove Pharma Sign Distribution Agreement for AK-FLUOR

November 17, 2023

Keeler announced a collaboration with Long Grove Pharmaceuticals for the distribution of AK-FLUOR (fluorescein injection), designed for diagnostic fluorescein angiography.

Established in 2019 by Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor exclusively focused on the health care industry, Long Grove Pharmaceuticals acquired the rights to AK-FLUOR in both 10% and 25% formulations from Akorn Pharmaceuticals in May 2023. T

To ensure the consistent availability of AK-FLUOR before its relaunch as a Long Grove Pharmaceuticals product, Long Grove secured a distribution agreement with the FDA Office of Drug Shortages through the Regulatory Discretion Process. The existing AK-FLUOR inventory manufactured by Akorn Pharmaceuticals is now accessible due to this arrangement.

“We are excited to supply AK-FLUOR to our customers within the United States by partnering with Long Grove Pharmaceuticals,” said John Risley, Sales Director, Keeler. “Our key focus is to work together and be able to bring this product to customers who have had a hard time sourcing this since it has been on the FDA drug shortage list.

“Our new relationship with Keeler is aimed at easing the procurement burdens of this essential ophthalmic drug,” said Peter Karas, Chief Commercial Officer of Long Grove Pharmaceuticals. “Our goal is to provide the market consistent supply of this medication now and after it’s relaunch as a Long Grove product.”