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Haag-Streit Unveils 3D Imaging Option for the Imaging Module 910

Haag-Streit Unveils 3D Imaging Option for the Imaging Module 910

May 16, 2024

Haag-Streit has launched the Imaging Module 910 3D, a significant advancement in ophthalmic imaging technology.

"To-date, ophthalmologists have been able to document slit lamp images, but only in 2D. The images presented in two dimensions lack depth, which limits the comprehensive visualization of the observed content. By enhancing the proven capabilities of the Haag-Streit Imaging Module 910 through the addition of a second 4K camera, ophthalmologists can now experience an immersive depth impression, unveiling more detail for a richer viewing experience," Haag-Streit stated in a news release.

Enhanced Documentation Capabilities

The new 3D imaging capability allows clinicians to record videos and images in three dimensions, providing a more detailed and authentic representation of the slit lamp exam. This enhancement makes it easier to identify anatomical relationships, thereby improving the overall clarity and interpretability of the observed content.

Advancements in Teaching

Ophthalmology educators can now share an enhanced 3D digital view between the monitor and the oculars, ensuring that residents observe the relevant details. Additionally, the ability to stream high-quality digital videos and images in 3D to multiple residents around the world creates a modern, comfortable, and collaborative teaching environment.


The new technology supports the transmission of an immersive 3D experience remotely between teleconsultants and examining clinicians, opening new possibilities in eye health care. Currently, this functionality is available only in the US and not in the EU.