EyeCare Partners Opens New Innovation Center

EyeCare Partners Opens New Innovation Center

September 28, 2022

EyeCare Partners (ECP) has recently launched the EyeCare Partners Innovation Center, which aims to expand clinical eye health education while enhancing the delivery and quality of eye care. ECP's Chief Clinical Officer, Antonio Capone Jr., MD, will serve as the center's director.

“With over 1,000 providers and unparalleled access to data, EyeCare Partners is uniquely positioned to study and identify the trends that will drive real progress in how eye care is delivered,” David Clark, CEO of EyeCare Partners, said in a company news release. “The Innovation Center is poised to create a new paradigm in eye care by bringing together the best and the brightest providers across every optometric and ophthalmic specialty to improve outcomes and enhance patient care as well as drive eye health and sight saving advances.”

EyeCare Partners is setting up the framework and capabilities required to have a positive impact on the eye care sector with the opening of the Innovation Center.

The clinical data warehouse of ECP, which draws information from E360+, the company's unique electronic medical record platform, will support the Innovation Center's three pillars of quality, research, and education. This clinical data warehouse will offer insights regarding treatments and outcomes across the eye care continuum.

The providers of ECP will have access to data-driven insights to enhance patient care and better understand clinical outcomes. The Innovation Center will promote cooperation within the ECP network and pave the way for cooperation with major businesses, academic institutions, and private practices.

The Medical Executive Board (MEB) of ECP, which brings together executives from across the network, will collaborate closely with the Innovation Center. Together, the Innovation Center and the MEB will be able to strengthen research, implement quality improvements, and advance education across the board.

The EyeCare Partners Innovation Center is an information and technology center of excellence. To increase eye care quality, research, and teaching, it combines the knowledge of over 1,000 eye care specialists with data from E360+, EyeCare Partners' exclusive data platform.