Delhi Witnesses 40% Surge in Eye Diseases Due to High Level of Air Pollution

Delhi Witnesses 40% Surge in Eye Diseases Due to High Level of Air Pollution

November 29, 2023

Ophthalmologists in Delhi are witnessing a concerning surge in patients grappling with eye issues such as allergies, burning sensations, and itching, all attributed to the alarming levels of pollution in the capital. Despite marginal improvements, the air quality in Delhi continues to linger in the 'very poor' category, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) standing at 324.

Dr. Ikeda Lal, a Cornea and Refractory Surgery Specialist at Delhi Eye Centre and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, highlighted the escalating health concerns, stating, "With severe air quality and a high level of pollution in Delhi-NCR, we are observing an increase in the number of patients coming to us with complaints of redness, itching, and watering in the eyes."

He emphasized that individuals with pre-existing dry eyes are experiencing exacerbation due to the heightened pollution levels, noting a staggering 40% rise in the number of patients seeking help for eye-related problems.

Dr. Lal explained that pollutants and airborne dust are major contributors to eye allergies and related issues. Despite a slight improvement on Sunday, Delhi has seen a rapid increase in AQI levels, further exacerbating health challenges for residents.

Dr. Rajesh Sinha, a Professor of Ophthalmology at RP Centre AIIMS New Delhi, expressed concern about the growing incidence of dry eye and ocular allergies, emphasizing that even individuals with normal eyes are experiencing discomfort. The situation poses a risk of reduced vision for those prone to dryness and allergies if immediate care is not taken.

As a preventive measure, doctors advise the use of lubricating eye drops and sunglasses. They caution against the use of contact lenses and eye makeup until eyes are fully healed. In case of itching, doctors recommend avoiding rubbing the eyes and instead suggest washing them with clean water. If discomfort persists, a visit to an eye doctor is strongly advised.

Cold compresses are also recommended to alleviate mild itching, and individuals are urged to minimize prolonged exposure of their eyes to pollution. As pollution levels continue to pose serious health threats, prioritizing eye care and taking precautionary measures becomes crucial for residents in the region.

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