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Clearside Biomedical Publishes Guidelines for Suprachoroidal Space Drug Delivery

Clearside Biomedical Publishes Guidelines for Suprachoroidal Space Drug Delivery

May 22, 2024

Clearside Biomedical has taken a significant step forward in the field of ophthalmology by publishing new guidelines for suprachoroidal space (SCS) injection, a technique used to deliver medication directly to the back of the eye. These guidelines have been featured in "RETINA, The Journal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases," under the title “Suprachoroidal Space Injection Technique: Expert Panel Guidance.”

Collaborative Effort by Leading Retinal Physicians

This landmark publication is the result of a collaborative effort by 16 prominent retinal physicians, led by Dr. Charles C. Wykoff from Retinal Consultants of Texas, Houston. The guidelines are grounded in both existing scientific literature and extensive clinical experience, aiming to standardize SCS injection practices across the globe.

Comprehensive Guidance on SCS Injection

The panel’s comprehensive guidance addresses several key areas: the rationale behind SCS injection, its benefits over other intraocular delivery methods, and detailed protocols for patient preparation, injection procedures, and post-injection care. By establishing these best practices, the guidelines seek to enhance the safety and efficacy of this advanced drug delivery technique.

George Lasezkay, President and CEO of Clearside Biomedical, expressed his enthusiasm about the publication. "As the pioneers of suprachoroidal delivery, we are thrilled to have this established set of jointly developed guidelines featured in the prominent journal, RETINA. We believe this supports the use of our proven delivery platform," he said. Lasezkay also extended his gratitude to the contributing physicians, acknowledging their dedication and expertise in creating these well-supported guidelines.

Renowned Experts Contributing to the Guidelines

The contributing authors include renowned experts in the field: Dr. Robert L. Avery, Dr. Mark R. Barakat, Dr. David S. Boyer, Dr. David M. Brown, Dr. Alexander J. Brucker, Dr. Emmett T. Cunningham, Dr. Jeffrey S. Heier, Dr. Nancy M. Holekamp, Dr. Peter K. Kaiser, Dr. Arshad M. Khanani, Dr. Judy E. Kim, Dr. Hakan Demirci, Dr. Carl D. Regillo, Dr. Glenn C. Yiu, and Dr. Thomas A. Ciulla.

The publication of these guidelines represents a pivotal moment in the advancement of retinal treatment techniques. By providing clear, evidence-based recommendations, the guidelines aim to improve patient outcomes and set a new standard for the use of SCS injection in clinical practice.

For further details and to access the full guidelines, readers can refer to this link.