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Alcon to Introduce Updated MARLO App at SECO 2024

Alcon to Introduce Updated MARLO App at SECO 2024

February 23, 2024

Alcon announced significant updates to its MARLO App, set to be unveiled at the SECO International meeting in Atlanta. This advanced version of the app, featuring new functionalities, aims to further elevate the patient experience. Patients can now conveniently access these updates by downloading the latest version from the Apple App Store.


Initially launched in 2020, the MARLO App was developed to facilitate seamless communication between patients and their Eye Care Professionals (ECPs). Offering a trusted and personalized contact lens ordering experience 24/7, MARLO has been instrumental in enhancing patient engagement. Among its key features are exam reminders, contact lens tips, reorder notifications, and more, as highlighted by Alcon.

Kristen Brotherson, General Manager, U.S. Vision Care, Alcon, expressed excitement about the updated MARLO App: "We are proud to introduce the enhanced MARLO App at SECO this year. With today's patients increasingly relying on smartphone technology for healthcare needs, these updates are designed to further empower both patients and ECPs in their eye care journey."

Research underscores the pivotal role of mobile apps in healthcare, with studies indicating their ability to boost patient retention and provide valuable insights into consumer behavior.

New Features

The updated MARLO App boasts several new features, including a vision screener that allows patients to record responses and obtain a general vision range. Patients can also share these screener results with their ECPs prior to their next visit. Additionally, the app provides educational resources on eye diseases such as dry eye, along with symptom relief guidance.

Furthermore, the MARLO App offers a doctor locator feature, enabling patients to easily locate nearby practices that utilize MARLO. With customizable membership options, ECPs can personalize the MARLO website and app interface with their practice logo and branding, fostering stronger patient-ECP relationships.

SECO attendees can explore the updated MARLO App at Alcon's booth and attend the session "Digital Eye Care Innovation for Today’s Patient" with Allied Health Professionals on Saturday, March 2. Visit Alcon booth #1549 for insights into the MARLO App and literature on Alcon’s product offerings.

The MARLO App for Android is scheduled for release later in 2024.