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Australian Government Invests $35M in Artificial Cornea Facility

Australian Government Invests $35M in Artificial Cornea Facility

February 07, 2024

The Australian Government is making significant strides in the global fight against blindness by allocating funds for the establishment of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for artificial corneas.

The University of Sydney has been designated to receive $35 million through the Medical Research Future Fund, aiming to establish a facility capable of producing, storing, and distributing bioengineered corneas not only across Australia but worldwide.

Corneal disease ranks as the third most prevalent cause of blindness globally, with over 2,000 Australians in need of corneal tissue transplants to regain their vision. However, the demand far exceeds the available supply, with just one donor cornea available for approximately every 70 patients requiring a transplant.

This groundbreaking initiative seeks to revolutionize access to corneal transplantation through the advancement of next-generation artificial corneas. By leveraging innovative technologies, the manufacturing facility endeavors to make these life-changing interventions accessible to individuals worldwide.