Ziemer USA Collaborates with Corneagen to Develop Corneal Therapeutics

Ziemer USA Collaborates with Corneagen to Develop Corneal Therapeutics

November 12, 2021

Ziemer USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Switzerland-based Ziemer AG, announced a new partnership with CorneaGen, a Seattle-based company committed to transforming how corneal surgeons treat and care for the cornea.

Together, Ziemer intends to bring innovative techniques to the ophthalmic field thanks to their shared dedication to creating technology that helps solve ongoing clinical challenges.

"We have started an exciting new collaboration with CorneaGen," said David Bragg, President of Ziemer USA & Canada.

"Through combined development efforts, we are looking forward to bringing new applications to the Z8. The advanced applications will permit the Z8 to perform novel treatments in corneal therapeutics, and we expect they will have a tremendous clinical impact for patients."

"CorneaGen provides the highest quality donor tissue, service, and products to surgeons and their patients while driving innovations in corneal care," shared Bernie Iliakis, President of CorneaGen.

"We remain committed to transforming the lives of those impacted by corneal disease, and this partnership with Ziemer is critical to creating better solutions to help restore sight."

About Ziemer USA, Inc.

Ziemer believes in constantly inventing and upgrading technology to better serve doctors. Its Swiss-engineered femtosecond lasers are specifically intended to conduct various treatments while ensuring patient safety and comfort. Ziemer’s Galilei diagnostic instruments will provide doctors with precise measurements that will help you plan their treatment.

About CorneaGen

CorneaGen is a mission-driven company dedicated to revolutionizing the way corneal surgeons treat and care for their patients' corneas. The business, based in Seattle, is developing the next generation of corneal care, including innovative medical devices and biologics, as well as therapies and interventions.

CorneaGen provides a range of services to corneal surgeons and their patients, including the latest in innovative technologies, high-quality tissue delivery, surgeon education, and lobbying for patient access and payment regulations.