“The 21st Century Has Started Just Now”

“The 21st Century Has Started Just Now”

April 22, 2020

Dr. Fatih Ergin, CEO of VSY Biotechnology, stated that traditional roles and models worldwide will be completely transformed by the traumatic impact of the coronavirus and added that “the 21st century has just started now.”

Dr. Fatih Ergin, CEO of VSY Biotechnology, stated that the company anticipates that the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to many losses of life, will lead to the development of new political and economic policies, regulations, and practices, in addition to public health policies.

He emphasized that the phenomena that provide clues about the new world, including democratization, postmodern culture, mobile communication, Industry 4.0, information technology, and artificial intelligence, would play an active role in determining the kind of roadmap required to address the economic and social destruction caused by the aforementioned pandemic. Dr. Ergin stated: “It is difficult to anticipate how the new world will be formed now. Nevertheless, we can say that the 21st century has actually just started now. The traditional roles and models in individual-community, community-state, and state-state relations, transferred from the 20th century, will completely change, and the approaches, particularly those in healthcare systems, that affect human lives, will further be valid in the social, political, and economic spheres.”


Dr. Ergin elaborated that the production factor will once again play a predominant role in the economy, and companies with specialized manpower who can adapt new production means, such as information technology, mobile communication, and artificial intelligence, to make their systems faster would dominate in the new world.

Furthermore, predicting that new scientific branches based on humans and innovation, such as biotechnology, will have seminal effects, Dr. Ergin stated that “with biotechnological modeling, which has the potential to fully develop humans’ elbow room and quality of life, innovative products and structures will occupy much more prominent positions in the new era.”

Additionally, Dr. Ergin emphasized that VSY Biotechnology had taken all the necessary measures in response to the spread of the coronavirus and expressed that the company was well-prepared for any situation that may arise in the forthcoming period.