Supreme Harmony For OVD

Supreme Harmony For OVD

October 30, 2020

VSY Biotechnology Introduces Protectalon DUO Kit, demonstrating commitment to Ophthalmic Surgery! Eye Care Professionals meet their OVD needs at different stages of cataract surgery with a single kit. It is available now for safe, fast and smooth surgery!


* Dual Pack containing one unit cohesive and one unit dispersive OVDs

* High Filling Volume (1.1 ml Cohesive + 1.1 ml Dispersive)


VSY Biotechnology GmbH, an innovation-driven company with progressive R&D activities in ophthalmology, launches a new surgical experience with Protectalon Duo.

Protectalon DUO, dual pack containing high filling volume of one unit Cohesive (14 mg/mL, 1.1 mL) and one unit Dispersive (30 mg/ml, 1.1 ml) NaHA based OVDs provides reliable anterior chamber maintenance with exceptional cohesivity and superior endothelial cell protection. Thus surgeons meet their OVD needs at different stage of cataract surgery with a single kit.

Protectalon Duo has CE and it is available in Europe for safe, Fast and smooth surgery!

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