RestoringVision Launches 'New Lens on Life' Campaign on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30

RestoringVision Launches 'New Lens on Life' Campaign on Giving Tuesday, Nov. 30

November 25, 2021

RestoringVision is a member of the EYElliance and IAPB. With these alliances working to prioritize eye health and glasses, coordinating various players to address the issue, and creating new funding channels, RestoringVision has an incredible opportunity to leverage these relationships three-year plan goals.

The plan calls for getting 8.8 million people into glasses during 2021-2023. Realizing this goal will set the stage to advance the longer-term ambition of serving 10 million people annually by the end of this decade.

SAN FRANCISCO—Restoring Vision, a leading global nonprofit dedicated to addressing the unmet need for eyeglasses in impoverished communities across the globe, is seeking to help 50,000 people see clearly again by raising $50,000 on Giving Tuesday next week.

Every year, RestoringVision said it turns the the major day of global giving into 'GivingSightDay' in order to reach more people living in poverty with the glasses they need. This year, the group's Giving Sight Day theme is "New Lens on Life."

The optical nonprofit is urging everyone to extend their generosity and help the most vulnerable populations access the glasses they need to see clearly to stay independent, safe, and productive.

"The ability to see clearly has never been more important for the growing number of people living in poverty," said Pelin Munis, executive director.

"Our New Lens on Life campaign highlights how a pair of glasses not only restores a person’s ability to see clearly, it also restores opportunities, potential, and hope. Now more than ever, it’s critical to create equitable access to glasses for those most in need.”

Every dollar donated to RestoringVision’s Giving Sight Day campaign will bring a pair of new eyeglasses to a person in need. Thanks to matching gift sponsor 20/20 Quest, a National Vision, Inc. foundation, the first $20,000 raised will be doubled, making twice the impact.

Corporate or individual donors can contribute to the New Lens on Life campaign by clicking here. Since 2003, RestoringVision has reached over 19 million people in 136 countries with its programs.