Optimo Medical Plans to Expand its Eye Surgery Planning Portfolio with Additional Funding

Optimo Medical Plans to Expand its Eye Surgery Planning Portfolio with Additional Funding

October 22, 2021

Optimo Medical has successfully raised 1.8 million Swiss Franc ($1.95 million), and is now looking to expand its product portfolio in eye surgery planning.

The funding will help form new relationships with Ansys and MicroSurgical Technology to provide eye surgeons with the most up-to-date simulation-based technology.

Optimo Medical's first product, Optimeyes, makes a digital replica of the patient's eye inside the computer-based on accurate eye measurements.

The software then does a virtual eye surgery with this so-called digital twin and generates the best parameters for each individual eye before the actual surgery. By doing so, a superior clinical outcome is actively supported.

About 30 million cataract procedures are conducted each year around the world, with the majority requiring astigmatism correction: a perfect fit for the concept.

Optimeyes technology, which is CE-certified and clinically verified, is based on patient-specific biomechanical simulations and has the potential to serve ocular operations other than cataract surgery.

Several areas have been identified by the team and collaborating experts and defining the requirements has already begun.

“With the recent closing of the growth financing round, we continue our endeavor to deliver cutting-edge technology to fight astigmatism. Moreover, our digital twin technology has potential far beyond this first application,” Dr. Harald Studer, co-founder and CEO of Optimo Medical, said in a company news release.

"We are only at the beginning of what the Optimeyes simulation technology can do for surgeons and patients all over the world. With our compelling digital twin technology, and together with our customers, we are capable to deliver on our promises. In order to augment and broaden our product portfolio, business activities and talent recruitment to strengthen the development team in Biel will soon be started.”

The funding is provided by existing and undisclosed new shareholders.