‘How We Can Help’ Booklet From Glaucoma UK Coming Soon

‘How We Can Help’ Booklet From Glaucoma UK Coming Soon

March 02, 2021

Glaucoma UK is a membership charity and is passionate about making sure that people living with glaucoma have a say in how and where their care and treatment is delivered.

The charity provides a host of support services to help people at all stages of their glaucoma journey as well as supporting professionals on providing resources and helping them keep in touch with what matters most to people with glaucoma.

If you are living with glaucoma, it’s natural to feel anxious about how to manage the disease and what the future will hold.

But with the right treatment and daily maintenance, sight loss is preventable. Glaucoma is a very common disease, and many people who have it are able to live a full and active life.

‘How We Can Help’ Booklet For Everybody

The charity created a brand new ‘How We Can Help’ Booklet that explains all the services they offer in one handy place for all people living with glaucoma and healthcare professionals.

With an estimated 700,000 people in the UK living with the disease, half of whom don’t know they have it, the charity is urging people to seek support in these challenging COVID-19 times.

As part of World Glaucoma Week 2021, which will run from March 7-13, Glaucoma UK’s ‘anytime, anywhere’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the different support channels it can offer patients and health care professionals.

From the top of a hill or a trek through the woods to a supermarket aisle or the comfort of a sofa, support for people living with glaucoma is accessible whenever and wherever anyone may need it.

In addition to their new ‘How we can help’ booklet, the charity will be launching the new Glaucoma UK podcast as part of their campaign. They will also host special digital glaucoma support groups throughout World Glaucoma Week on topics that have been chosen by people living with glaucoma.

Glaucoma UK’s new ‘How we can help’ booklet, which will be available to download and order on their website during World Glaucoma Week, brings all the charity’s resources together in one handy guide for patients and healthcare professionals alike.