ClearPod From Volk Optical

ClearPod From Volk Optical

January 07, 2021

Founded over 40 years ago, Volk continues to integrate quality and artisanal craftsmanship with modern technology to bring the world’s leading ophthalmic lenses into the hands of the very doctors, scientists, and researchers who are putting our mission to work: eradicating preventable blindness!

One of the leading brand manufacturers of ophthalmic lenses, diagnostic imaging, and surgical products for the ophthalmic industry Volk Optical is steadfastly dedicated to eradicating preventable blindness through accessible imaging of the eye.

Volk Optical announced the release of their newest product, the ClearPod, which aims to solve the problem of mask-related fogging during fundus examinations.

This patent-pending design has been created in collaboration with ophthalmologists Bradley Sacher, MD, a cataract specialist, and Jeremy Wingard, MD, a glaucoma specialist at Wheaton Eye Clinic, Illinois.

Due to safety regulations around the world, mask-wear has become commonplace in shared spaces such as clinics and hospitals.

When a patient breathes naturally while wearing a mask, air escapes through the gaps in the mask and accumulates on the lens surface causing condensation and obstructing views of the retina and slowing down the exam.

The ClearPod clips securely onto the Volk fundus lens and forms a barrier, directing air currents away from the lens surface allowing for clear uninterrupted views enabling a complete examination.

Small and light, the device is designed to allow physicians to retain their natural grip on the lens. The shield on the device is carefully designed to accommodate the right working distance while providing maximum fog diversion, according to Volk Optical.

Apart from solving the problem of fogging, the ClearPod can also be used as an aid for new students learning ophthalmoscopy. “Even after COVID, I think this is a great tool for teaching medical students and residents ophthalmoscopy techniques, as the flange guides and supports to better accommodate the proper working distance,” Dr. Francesco Comacchio, an ophthalmologist at Hospital of Merano-Südtirol, Italy, said in a company news release.

“The ClearPod is a perfect solution to prevent non-contact lenses from fogging up. I strongly recommend this device to every ophthalmologist examining a mask-wearing patient, allowing a normal examination of the retina.”

The ClearPod is currently available for the 90D and the 78D lenses. Volk optical plans to release the ClearPods for their Digital Wide Field and SuperField lenses early next year.