Oertli Instrumente Takes Over Majority Interest in Ophthalmic Instrument Producer Domedics

Oertli Instrumente Takes Over Majority Interest in Ophthalmic Instrument Producer Domedics

October 04, 2021

Oertli Instrumente AG announced in a press release that it has acquired the majority interest of Domedics AG, an ophthalmic instrument maker based in Switzerland. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

"For us, the merger with Domedics offers the opportunity to serve ophthalmic surgery in Switzerland with an extremely competent and comprehensive range of products and services," Christoph and Thomas Bosshard, co-owners and board members of Oertli, said in a company news release.

"With the acquisition of Domedics, Oertli will be able to offer Swiss customers an even more comprehensive range of products and services. Customers will receive even more service and expertise in the operating theatre, all from a single source.”

"Oertli is a Swiss family business that enjoys an excellent reputation in the global ophthalmic surgery market thanks to its continuity and excellent products," said Carlo Pizzera, CEO of Domedics. "All Oertli products are manufactured in Switzerland, and Oertli already maintains close contact with its customers in Switzerland."

Christoph Stüssi, Mr. Pizzera's business partner, will take over the management of Domedics as of January 1, 2022. He will continue to hold a minority share and serve in the Board of Directors.

"The merger of Oertli and Domedics is a win-win-win situation for me: win for our customers, win for our employees, and win for both companies," Mr. Stüssi said. "I am enormously pleased to take on the responsibility together with my management team and thus help shape the way forward."

All products can still be obtained from the usual sources, the press release added.

About Oertli Instrumente

Founded in 1955, Oertli is a leading provider of high-quality surgical platforms, instruments and consumables for ophthalmology surgery. Thanks to its wide product portfolio, surgeons and eye care professionals perform procedures in a safer, easier, and more efficient manner.

About Domedics AG

Domedics AG is an innovative company focusing on manufacturing instruments for ophthalmology and ophthalmological surgery. The company’s product portfolio includes knives, sets of coverings, viscoelastics, plugs or hollow needles supplement.