NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Introduces Avenova® Eye Health Supplement

NovaBay Pharmaceuticals Introduces Avenova® Eye Health Supplement

March 09, 2023
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NovaBay® Pharmaceuticals announced the launch of a new over-the-counter oral supplement, Avenova Eye Health Support. This supplement includes a combination of MaquiBright® - an extract from the nutrient-rich, antioxidant-dense maqui berry superfruit - and high-quality natural triglyceride omega-3 oils. This supplement is designed to provide relief for dry eyes and promote overall eye health.

Avenova Eye Health Support is now available for purchase as a 30-day supply containing 60 easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules. The supplement can be purchased for $41.95 at both and, and can also be found at optometrist offices that participate in NovaBay's physician-dispensed channel.

“Our eyes are under more stress than ever with increasing computer screen time, air pollution and indoor heating and cooling, all of which can lead to dry eye and eye fatigue. In fact, up to 49 million Americans suffer from dry eyes and the global market for dry eye products is expected to grow at 5% annually, reaching nearly $9 billion by 2030,” said Justin Hall, NovaBay CEO. “We’re excited to offer a unique eye health supplement that has the potent maqui berry extract, which has three-times the antioxidant level of blueberries and is found only in the forests of Patagonia. This product is unique in the marketplace and the clinical effects of the maqui berry extract are impressive.”

According to a four-week, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study on the effects of MaquiBright® extract, participants who used Avenova Eye Health Support reported a 57% improvement in dry eye discomfort, and a remarkable 89% increase in tear production. The findings were published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.