Notal Vision Monitoring Center Reports AI Analysis of 10 Million ForeseeHome AMD Home Monitoring Tests

Notal Vision Monitoring Center Reports AI Analysis of 10 Million ForeseeHome AMD Home Monitoring Tests

December 01, 2021

The Notal Vision Monitoring Center is celebrating the ten millionth test completed by over 20,000 patients using the FDA-cleared ForeseeHome gadget, which was analyzed through artificial intelligence (AI).

The device is part of a complete remote monitoring service for patients with intermediate age-related macular degeneration (AMD) who are at risk of developing the disease's sight-threatening wet form.

The service monitors patients between office eye exams when it’s difficult to manage the acute onset of wet disease that requires timely treatment.

A recent large-scale data analysis found that using ForeseeHome helped patients notice their wet AMD earlier with greater visual acuity, a factor that has previously been demonstrated to improve long-term visual results of therapy.

“The real-world data published earlier this year shows that the performance of the ForeseeHome program resembles the findings from the randomized controlled AREDS2-HOME study,which ultimately led to Medicare coverage of the monitoring service we provide,” said Kester Nahen, PhD, CEO of Notal Vision.

Patients are referred to the Notal Vision Monitoring Center for the ForeseeHome program by their ophthalmic physician. The Monitoring Center handles everything from benefit verification, patient interaction, device provisioning, and training through compliance monitoring and alarm communication once a referral is received.

Patients do a quick daily test on an easy-to-use gadget, and the results are sent to the Monitoring Center automatically. An alert is generated when there is a statistically significant change in testing, which is examined by in-house ophthalmologists and consulted to the referring physician's office so they may select the best course of action for their patient.

Referring physicians can access patient testing data through an online portal, which delivers clinically actionable information that can help them better care for their patients.

“Patients require ongoing assistance and a positive and empowering experience to be successful across years of home diagnostic testing. Their home monitoring experience reflects positively on physicians and their practice in addition to the medical benefit”, said Barbara Benedict, Vice President of Notal Vision Monitoring Center Strategy and Operations.

“Directed by practicing ophthalmologists and supported by a team of certified ophthalmic professionals, the Monitoring Center is a Medicare accredited and HIPAA compliant digital healthcare provider and the epicenter of patient and physician engagement that provides a safety net against vision loss between eye exams.”