Modern Optical Announces Frame Gifting Program Benefitting Lions Club International

Modern Optical Announces Frame Gifting Program Benefitting Lions Club International

December 10, 2021

Lions organize SightFirst projects in partnership with local health authorities, eye care professionals and other non-governmental organizations. Lions are actively involved in project management, fundraising, advocacy, coordination of outreach events and publicity.

SightFirst supports the development of comprehensive eye care systems that provide preventative and diagnostic services and treatment for all relevant eye diseases as well as rehabilitation for those with irreversible blindness or low vision.

Modern Optical International has announced its eighth annual Frame Gifting Program benefitting Lions Club International. Modern Optical has gifted over 10,000 frames to the Lions Club and its SightFirst projects since 2013.

Through the SightFirst program, the Lion Club builds “comprehensive and sustainable eyecare systems, including projects that deliver eyecare services, build or strengthen eyecare facilities, train professionals and build awareness about eye health in underserved communities,” Modern Optical said in a statement. Over the last 30 years, SightFirst has impacted more than 488 million people.

For each customer who buys 10 or more frames from Modern Optical’s Black, Yellow or Red price groups, Modern Optical will donate an equal number of frames to Lions Club.

In addition, the customer will receive one free Modz Sunz frame of their choice. The program, only available through Modern Optical sales consultants, runs through Dec. 31, 2021.

Ken Weissman, president and CEO of Modern Optical, said, “We are exceptionally proud of our long history of giving to The Lions Club.

Their programs, which impact both local and global communities, align with our mission to help the underserved. Each year, generous customers participate in our buy-one, gift-one program and make a real difference in the lives of others.”