Haag-Streit UK Introduces MR Q Combo Laser System in the UK

Haag-Streit UK Introduces MR Q Combo Laser System in the UK

September 24, 2021

Haag-Streit UK, a leading manufacturer and distributor of ophthalmic, optometry, and orhtopic equipment, has announced the launch of the MR Q Combo laser system in the UK.

The MR Q Combo is a specially designed slit lamp, providing the option to safely combine the MR Q YAG 1064nm laser with either a Merilas 532a, Merilas 532nm or a Merilas 577nm shortpulse laser.

The latter of the two configurations deliver microsecond pulses for subthreshold retinal treatments.

The new laser system aims to save space and maximise treatment possibilities. Thanks to its superior quality and longevity, the MR Q Combo enables to user to easily switch between treatments, providing maximum versatility and can also be customised to suit the needs of the user.

The MR Q Combo has a unique parking station to prevent the sensitive optics of the slip lamp adapter from damage when the photocoagulator is not in use. The slit lamp adapter is specifically designed to ensure the safe handling of the two lasers.

With the launch of MR Q Combo, eye experts will now be able to safely treat anterior and retinal conditions. Its crystal detachable control panel offers a stable and robust treatment for patients.

About Haag-Streit UK

Haag-Streit UK designs, manufactures and sells a complete line of ophthalmic, optometry and orthoptic equipment and works with exclusive distributorships for some leading brands, such as; Haag-Streit Diagnostics, Clement Clarke Ophthalmic, Optovue, Meridian and Haag-Streit Simulation.

Thanks to its extensive portfolio, the company enables the prevention, early detection, careful monitoring, and effective treatment of retinal disease, glaucoma, corneal disorders, ocular motility and visual defects.