Glaukos Enters into Licensing Agreement with Attillaps Holdings

Glaukos Enters into Licensing Agreement with Attillaps Holdings

September 21, 2021

Glaukos Corporation, an ophthalmic medical technology and pharmaceutical company focused on novel therapies for the treatment of glaucoma, corneal disorders and retinal diseases, has entered into licensing agreement with Attillaps Holdings, a privately-held biotechnology company dedicated to pioneer a drug platform for the treatment of inflammatory conditions in ophthalmology.

As a part of the agreement, Glaukos has been granted a global exclusive license to research, develop, manufacture and commercialize Attillaps’ investigational pharmaceutical compounds that target the eradication of Demodex mites using certain acetylcholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors for the treatment of ophthalmic diseases caused by Demodex mites.

These mites are known as the root cause of Demodex blepharitis and often associated with meibomian gland dysfunction and related ophthalmic diseases, according to the company.

Infestation of Demodex mites, the most common ectoparasite found on human skin, is the main reason for Demodex blepharitis and Demodex-driven meibomian gland dysfunction. Demodex blepharitis is characterized by eyelid inflammation and irritation resulting in eyelid redness, discomfort and debris. Demodex-driven meibomian gland dysfunction is detected through decreased lipid secretion into the tear film and is known as a major cause of dry eye disease.

Commenting on the partnership, Thomas Burns, Glaukos president and chief executive officer said: “This licensing agreement adds a promising therapeutic class that expands the focus of our emerging Corneal Health franchise into new and globally underserved disease indications.”

“Attillaps’ proprietary compounds and targeted ophthalmic indications are highly complementary to our expanding portfolio of sustained pharmaceuticals and represent a synergistic fit with our ongoing Corneal Health R&D initiatives,” Burns added.

Financial terms of the agreement were now disclosed at the time of publishing, meanwhile.