From a Young Ophthalmologist’s Eye: “Covid-19 Positively Affected the Industry in Regards to Sharing the Knowledge”

From a Young Ophthalmologist’s Eye: “Covid-19 Positively Affected the Industry in Regards to Sharing the Knowledge”

October 14, 2021

During the 39th of the ESCRS Congress, we had a little chat with Halah Helayel, a young ophthalmologist working as a fellow at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Saudi Arabia. She is specialized in Cornea and External Disease & Refractive Surgery.

How do you feel about meeting people in-person at this year’s ESCRS Congress?

Halah Helayel: It’s really interesting to gather with other people, see the smiles on people’s faces, talk, and connect with ophthalmologists from around the world. It is also amazing to see the technology that the industry has brought to this meeting. Ophthalmic News

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Do you have a particular section that you are looking forward to in the congress?

I am looking forward to instructional courses, and anything related to improving my skills.

Do you think the pandemic has affected the industry? If so, in what ways?

In regards to sharing the knowledge, I think the Covid-19 has positively affected the field. We started to conduct virtual conferences and webinars so I did not fell behind my education. These seminars added to my basic ophthalmology training, allowing me to go more in-depth into my specialty.

Why did you choose ophthalmology?

It’s a really interesting and fast-evolving field. Plus, we feel a sense of reward after our patients gain back their vision. Both patient and I become happy after the surgery, which is why I chose this profession in the first place. Ophthalmic News

Do you prefer face-to-face or virtual meetings with patients?

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In ophthalmology, it is a little bit difficult to do virtual clinic because you need to see signs that sometimes cannot be detected by devices. Ophthalmic News

Although in retina, they utilized artificial intelligence to detect diabetic retinopathy entirely. It actually depends on the area we want to examine. For anterior segment, I want to see patients face-to-face because I like to connect with patients. Ophthalmology News

What do you think about robotic surgeries?

Personally, I like to perform surgeries myself. But, if there are new technological advances in the future, why not? Ophthalmology News

What do you expect from the industry as a young ophthalmologist?

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I expect the technological advances to continue, improving the field by offering more choices to help the patients and improve their quality of life. Ophthalmic News

I think what is more interesting now is that the cataract surgery moved from only removing the clouded lens to more of refractive surgery. We’ve started to do it in our country for patients with early cataract, and their quality of vision has improved. Ophthalmology News