Evoq Technologies Announces Launch of First Smartphone-Based Product for Retinal Health Testing

Evoq Technologies Announces Launch of First Smartphone-Based Product for Retinal Health Testing

November 23, 2021

Evoq Technologies announced that the first in its family of devices based on its patented smartphone-based biosensor technology has been approved by the FDA. The 'SmartERG' Platform is designed to examine the retinal health of the eye in novel ways.

How Does SmartERG Work?

By flashing a controlled light at the eye, we can evoke an electrical-physiological response from the retina that can tell us a lot about its health. Visual responses that are delayed or decreased are frequently signs of disease and can lead to vision loss or blindness. That’s why our tag line is “Seeing Change in a Flash”.

With the ability to collect and analyze data on a smartphone, we are putting answers about retinal health in everyone's hands under the guidance of a healthcare expert.

Our first smartphone product, the Biophotometer for dark adaption impairment testing as a Class I medical device, is the product of decades of specialised engineering and research focused on ophthalmology.

Evoq will conduct clinical tests of its ophthalmic biosensor and speciality stimulators in 2022 in preparation for FDA filing as class II medical devices.

Daniel Lindgren, President of Evoq Technologies, says, “Our SmartERG™ Platform will offer a revolutionary delivery method for ophthalmic patient care; with the force multipliers of simple connection of patient to provider, cloud-based analytical services, and a perfect fit for artificial intelligence.”

“We are paving the way for cost-effective screening for retinal disease, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), Diabetic Retinopathy, and Glaucoma effectively using the same standard-of-care as equivalent legacy diagnostic devices, but at fraction of the cost, delivered worldwide.”

Mr. Lindgren stated that Evoq Technologies is currently in discussions with interested parties about how this technology might improve patient care in the clinic, at the bedside, and at home.

Evoq Technologies is looking for medical device, pharmaceutical, and health-care delivery stakeholders that want to "Evoq a RevolutionTM" through license and partnership options.

About Evoq Technologies

Based in Henderson, Nevada, Evoq Technologies is a privately held company, comprising of an experienced team of scientists and engineers, clinicians, and seasoned business professionals with a track record of bringing new medical devices to market.

The company has a long and illustrious history, with its founders developing a leading range of ophthalmic and visual science products through a family of companies: Xenotec, OcuScience, and now Evoq Technologies.

Evoq's mission is to provide the greatest quality devices, accessories, and support in the laboratory and clinic to fulfill the demanding needs of our partners. Its primary goal is to improve the technology available to doctors and scientists so that they can find and develop novel treatments for blindness, low vision, and other neurological illnesses.