New Technology From HelpMeSee For Cataracts

New Technology From HelpMeSee For Cataracts

October 12, 2020

HelpMeSee has been acting as a not-for-profit global campaign to end the public health crisis of cataract blindness in two decades globally. It has recently introduced the first-of-its-kind a landmark achievement in medical simulation training with the completion of its Eye Surgery Simulator.

In light of having been equipped with sensory touch feedback – realistic virtual graphics and through having been incorporated within the HelpMeSee Training Program, the HelpMeSee Eye Surgery Simulator is focused on supporting the training of cataract specialists on the Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) procedure. This is a solution that could help end the global cataract blindness crisis.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 23 million people who are blind due to cataract. In every sense of the word, blindness from cataracts is an enormous burden on families, caregivers, communities, and the world.

Cataract blindness causes a very poor quality of life, reduces life expectancy, and causes huge losses in economic productivity, estimated to be as much as $1 trillion in lost GDP globally every year.

The HelpMeSee mission also intends to align itself with the Governments to make the countries a cataract-backlog free zone and cure cataract blindness in every part of the world.